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In the realm of Photographic and Fine Art Giclée printing, the choice of paper profoundly influences the final presentation and impact of your images or artwork. Choosing the right paper for your image is critical to ensuring your work is presented in the best way possible and more importantly that the print has that all important wow factor. Not only will the choice of paper impact the visual appeal of your photograph or artwork it will also impact the longevity of your print. With such a wide variety of paper manufacturers to choose from, and with an even wider variety of papers available, what is the best way to select a paper for your print?

Luckily the majority of paper manufacturers offer Test and Sample packs for a sample of, if not all, of the papers within their product range, Hahnemühle are no exception to this and offer a range of sample packs for their Digital Fine Art Collection. In this blog we will be exploring each of the Hahnemühle Sample Packs in detail, understanding what to expect from each pack, exploring the unique characteristics, use cases, and benefits, and guide users on which one will be the best choice for them.

Hahnemühle Matt FineArt Textured Sample Pack A4 (10 Sheets)

Who are Hahnemühle?

Hahnemühle are a distinguished name in Fine Art and Photographic paper production. Founded in Germany in 1584 as manufacturers of artist and writing paper, the introduction of inkjet printers led Hahnemühle to develop the world’s first Fine Art inkjet paper, with a special inkjet receiving layer suitable for digital photographic and Fine Art print. Renowned for their quality and innovation, Hahnemühle papers are found all over the world. Their papers have been independently certified to be highly age resistant, their papers are known for their reproduction of colour and detail, incredible contrast and deep blacks.

Hahnemühle Sample Packs

Hahnemühle Sample Packs are the ideal way to sample inkjet papers in their Digital Fine Art Collection. Hahnemühle’s Digital Fine Art Collection encompasses their range of premium inkjet papers and is broken down into various categories, each with its unique set of paper characteristics, appropriate applications, quality requirements and price points. Each sample pack contains an assortment of their premium inkjet papers within the various ranges. You will be able to choose from the Natural Line, Matt Fine Art Smooth, Matt Fine Art Textured, Glossy Fine Art and Everyday Photo ranges.

Each sample pack contains two sheets of each paper within your selected range, available in A4 and A3+ sizes. This gives customers the opportunity to try each of the papers within the range without having to buy whole packs of paper, something that could start to get extremely costly and wasteful!

Hahnemühle Natural Line Sample Pack

In an age of increasing environmental awareness, Hahnemühle’s Natural Line sample pack offers photographers a sustainable alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance. The Natural Line focuses on Fine Art inkjet papers made from unique natural fibres including bamboo, hemp, sugar cane and agave, these papers combine ecological responsibility with exceptional aesthetic appeal. The plants used in making these papers grow quickly, don’t need any pesticides and require much less water to grow.

The Natural Line offers a range of textures and tones that add a distinctive character to your prints. With each paper benefitting from being both OBA Free and Acid Free, it ensures your prints will have maximum longevity and won’t be prone to yellowing or fading of colour. As the name suggests the papers have warmer, more natural bases which will suit images with warmer hues. All of the paper’s within this range have uniquely distinctive textures which add depth and character to the image, Sugar Cane 300gsm having the most pronounced texture. Whether you’re passionate about conservation or simply appreciate the unique beauty of natural materials, Hahnemühle’s Natural Line sample pack provides an eco-friendly option that reflects your commitment to both artistry and sustainability.

Available in both A4 and A3+ sizes, with 2 sheets of each of the following papers:

Hahnemühle Matt Fine Art Textured Sample Pack

Hahnemühle’s Matt Fine Art Textured Sample Pack is suitable for photographers and artists looking to infuse their prints with depth and character. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these textured papers add a tactile quality to your images, enhancing their visual impact and inviting viewers to engage with them on a visceral level. From the subtle grain of Torchon 285gsm to the pronounced texture of German Etching 310gsm, each paper in this sample pack offers a distinct texture with a variety of white points available.

As the name suggests, all of the papers in this range are finished with a premium matt inkjet coating. The range blends both 100% Cotton and Alpha Cellulose/Cotton mix papers in a variety of weights. All of the papers have the added benefit of being both OBA Free and Acid Free ensuring your images have archival stability. Hahnemühle’s commitment to quality ensures that each print produced on Fine Art Textured paper boasts exceptional clarity, sharpness, and colour fidelity.

Available in both A4 and A3+ sizes, with 2 sheets of each of the following papers:

Hahnemühle Matt Fine Art Smooth Sample Pack

Hahnemühle’s Fine Art Smooth sample pack offers a selection of papers renowned for their impeccable smoothness and uniformity. Built around one of Hahnemühle’s most popular papers, Photo Rag 308gsm, the smooth surfaces of all the papers in this range are designed to showcase the finest details of your images with pristine clarity, these papers are the perfect choice for capturing the subtleties of light and shadow with precision and finesse. The smooth uniform surfaces ensure prints have a clean, crisp appearance without adding texture. Whilst within the Matt Fine Art Smooth range, Rice Paper 100gsm has a very lightly textured surface and is the only paper within the range not made from 100% Cotton.

All of the papers within this range are both OBA Free and Acid Free ensuring the archival stability of your prints. By offering a range of white points will lend themselves to varying subjects. The slightly warmer white point of Photo Rag 308gsm for example will work fantastically with portraiture as warmer papers are better for natural skin tones. Papers with a higher whitepoint, like Photo Rag Bright White 310gsm, are perfect where images have cooler tones.

Available in both A4 and A3+ sizes, with 2 sheets of each of the following papers:

Hahnemühle Glossy Fine Art Sample Pack

Hahnemühle’s Glossy Fine Art sample pack offers a selection of papers for photographers who crave the vibrant colours and the lustrous sheen of traditional photographic prints. There are a number of different surfaces available within the Sample Pack including a subtle gloss (satin), metallic, lustre and mid-lustre (pearl) finishes, these glossier surfaces create a richness and depth of colour with a luminous sheen.

The majority of papers within this range, including the Photo Rag Baryta 315gsm and Photo Rag Metallic 340gsm, are 100% Cotton with the other papers being made from 100% Alpha Cellulose.

These papers are primarily aimed at photography prints, but would suit some styles of artwork, meaning that they tend to have a more natural or higher whitepoint in comparison to Hahnemühle’s Matt Fine Art or Natural Line papers. This allows for prints with high amounts of contrast and colour vibrancy. These papers have the added benefit of being Aid and Lignin Free ensuring the archival stability of your prints.

Available in both A4 and A3+ sizes, with 2 sheets of each of the following papers:

Hahnemühle Everyday Photo Sample Pack

Hahnemühle’s Everyday Photo sample pack is designed for photographers who demand consistent performance and exceptional value without compromising on quality. Featuring a selection of versatile papers optimised for everyday printing tasks, this sample pack offers a cost-effective solution for photographers seeking reliable results across a wide range of applications. Whilst papers in Hahnemühle’s Everyday Photo range are less expensive than their Fine Art counterparts you can be assured that they still demand a high level of quality and print output.

These Alpha Cellulose papers provide prints with consistent colour reproduction, sharpness, and durability. There are a multitude of surface finishes available with the sample pack including gloss and pearl finishes. Included in the pack is also Photo Matt Fibre Duo 210gsm, a double sided paper perfect for portfolios and albums. Additionally the Photo Gloss Baryta 320gsm offers a fantastic choice for the image maker who prefers the rigidity and deep contrasts of traditional darkroom papers.

The lower cost of these papers are perfectly suited to those getting into the world of print, especially if you are concerned with ink and paper wastage.

Available in both A4 and A3+ sizes, with 2 sheets of each of the following papers:

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