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We are pleased to now offer a FREE Custom ICC Profiling Service for any paper, canvas, greetings card or graphics media purchased from us. The process is straight forward and all of the information is included in our Custom ICC Profiling Pack. The process involves printing off a profiling chart, on your printer, with your selected paper, using Adobe’s ACPU (Adobe Colour Print Utility). You send in both your profiling chart and Custom ICC Profiling Form and we do the rest. Once we have received your colour chart we process and email your FREE Custom ICC Profile within 24 hours.

Get you FREE Custom ICC Profile in 4 Easy Steps…

Order Your Favourite Paper

Order from our huge range of Digital Photo, Baryta, Fine Art Papers and Canvases.

Download the Custom ICC Profile Pack

Download everything you need to print your chart in our Custom ICC Profile Pack.

Print Your Profiling Chart

Print your Profiling Chart on your paper and printer of choice. Make sure to fill out the form too!

Post Your ICC Profile Chart

Send us your Profiling Chart. Once we receive it we will process and send your Custom ICC Profile within 24 Hours.

Read more about our FREE Custom ICC Profiling Service…

What is an ICC Profile?

An ICC Profile is a small file that is saved on your computer. It describes how your printer should handle and reproduce colour. All printers come with colour biases and colour errors, therefore, it is necessary to install an ICC profile to achieve accurate colour from your printer. Each individual ICC profile is specific a printer, one type of paper, one ink set and, even, to one print resolution and media/paper setting.

Do I need an ICC Profile?

Yes and No. If you are getting colour accurate prints already then you are extremely lucky and there is no need for a profile. The chance are though that the prints you getting do not match the colours on your screen. If that is the case then we would definitely recommend an ICC Profile.

Can’t I just use a Generic ICC Profile?

The answer is yes, in some cases manufacturers Generic ICC Profiles will achieve a level of colour accuracy that you are happy with however, and is often the case, they will not. To achieve the best possible colour accuracy we would always recommend a Custom ICC Profile.

Why do I need to use the Adobe Colour Print Utility (ACPU)?

The Adobe Colour Print Utility (ACPU) will turn off all colour management settings when printing the profiling chart. This ensures we get a completely accurate representation of how your printer is interpreting colour and well as how this is reproduced using the ink and paper you are printing on.

How much is this service?

FREE. this service comes absolutely free of charge for any Online Paper customer who has purchased any form of inkjet media from us in the past.

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