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PermaJet Traditional Digital Fibre Base Photo Paper

Permajet Fibre Base Papers

Introducing a New Family of Fibre Based Papers with traditional darkroom qualities from PermaJet.
Reminiscent of traditional acid-free fibre-based material used in darkroom printing. Available as Matt, un-glazed Neutral or Warmtone.
Highest D-MAX of any fine art paper creating a truly excellent greyscale. The perfect digital alternative to the darkroom fibre-based print.
The surfaces are instant-dry and has a scuff-resistant surface, ideal for use with dye and pigment based inks.
A very large colour gamut, skin tone accuracy the best recorded in a test of over 200 art and photo papers.
Overall, an extremely versatile paper for both colour and monochrome digital printing. The warmtone version is 10 points warmer than the standard Fibre Base Gloss.

Try out the NEW FB Royal 325.

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