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Permajet Photo Paper

Permajet Photo Papers

We now have all the new PermaJet range packs in stock. ?These now include a specific range pack from each section of their range to make sure that you get a test pack that is more specifically suited to your needs.


Now includes 22 different paper types and FREE A7 paper swatch.

Digital Photo Range Pack 1
Gloss 271?
Oyster 271?????
Matt Proofing 160 ? ?
Ultra Pearl 295
FB Baryta Range Pack 2
FB Royal
FB Gloss
FB Gloss Warmtone
FB Delta Matt

??? ?
Smooth Fine Art Range ?Pack 3
Portrait White 285??? Artist 210
Portrait 300??? Museum 310
Portfolio 200??? Parchment 285
Alpha 310??? Papyrus 300
Omega 310
Smooth Art Silk 300??? ?
???? ?
Double Sided Range??? ?
Double Sided Matt 220
Double Sided Lustre 285

  • PermaJet A4 DIGITAL PHOTO - Test Pack 1 - 30 sheets

    This pack includes one of the most diverse and practical choice of Digital Photo Papers available - even their brand new metallic paper for 2020 called TITANIUM GLOSS 300...

    If your need is for a Digital Photo paper with consistency, the highest quality and impressive surfaces, then here is a 30 sheet multipack containing some of the most popular everyday inkjet papers that PermaJet has to offer. With classics such as Gloss, Oyster Satin, Pearl, Matt, Lustre and silver Metallic, you have access to an exciting mix of papers guaranteed to never disappoint, whatever image is printed on them.

    Perfectly suited to photographers and printers who are seeking to display their images at their very best - the pack includes 3 Sheets of A4 of each of the following...

    GLOSS 271 - bright white, high gloss finish
    OYSTER 271 - bright white, satin/semi-gloss
    SMOOTH PEARL 280 - natural white, satin/semi-gloss
    SMOOTH GLOSS 280 - natural white, high gloss
    TITANIUM GLOSS 300 - metallic silver gloss
    TITANIUM LUSTRE 280 - metallic silver lustre
    ULTRA PEARL 295 - bright white, highly textured pearl
    MATT PLUS 240 - bright white smooth matt
    MATT PROOFING 160 - bright white smooth matt
    PHOTO LUSTRE 310 - heavyweight bright white lustre

    Every PermaJet Test Pack includes a FREE A7 Paper Swatch of the whole paper and canvas range. The only manufacturer to do so.

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  • PermaJet A4 FB BARYTA - Test Pack 2 - 18 Sheets

    Utilizing multi-layer technology, coating processes and enhanced alpha cellulose base materials, PermaJet have created a range of lay flat Baryta products that feed through your printers with ease. The enhanced coating, combined with modern ink technology ensures you get some of the highest Dmax ratings in the World today, particularly monochrome images. These iconic photographic inkjet papers have evolved into a truly show-stopping collection which are available in advanced 15 metre length rolls and all sheet formats.

    If your need is for photos with that traditional darkroom feel and quality then here is a 18 sheet A4 multi-pack offering the full choice of their Fibre based (Baryta) inkjet papers with wonderfully heavy bases and well suited to Monochrome printing as well as colour: -

    3 x A4 sheets of each paper type below are included in the Test Pack:

    FB MONO GLOSS 320 - mid-white glossy
    FB GOLD SILK 315 - mid-white semi-gloss
    FB ROYAL GLOSS 310 - mid-white subtle textured gloss
    FB DISTINCTION 320 - bright white subtle textured gloss
    FB PEARL 300 - natural white satin OBA free
    FB MATT 285 - high white smooth matt

    Every PermaJet Test Pack includes a FREE A7 Paper Swatch of the whole paper and canvas range enabling you to see and choose from other parts of their impressive inkjet media portfolio. The only manufacturer to do so.

    £12.95 Inc VAT £12.30 Inc VAT
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