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Hawk Mountain


Hawk Mountain CONDOR BRIGHT WHITE Fine Art Inkjet Photo Paper


Hawk Mountain CONDOR NATURAL Fine Art Inkjet Photo Paper


Hawk Mountain MERLIN NATURAL Fine Art Inkjet Photo Paper


All papers are double sided coated

Hawk Mountain Double Sided Fine Art Inkjet Photo Papers

Archival Quality:? Hawk Mountain cotton papers are produced in accordance with U.S. Library of Congress standards for archival quality (Specification Number 400-402-8/19/02).? As such, they are acid-free and lignin-free, and are buffered to prevent any long-term degradation of the paper.?

All papers are double sided coated

Hawk Mountain Condor Bright White:? Our award-winning Condor BriteWhite paper is very popular with printers of fine art and photographs.? It prints with a wide color gamut, gives crisp photo quality, and dries quickly, even with a heavy ink load.? This paper is popular for printing black and white photographs, bright or deep colors, landscapes, and portrait and fine art photography printing.

Hawk Mountain Condor Bright White is coated on both sides with our BriteWhite inkjet-receptive coating, which delivers the ultimate in color reproduction and cool-toned black & white printing.? Condor BriteWhite is smooth in finish.? The Condor base sheet is made from 100% cotton fibers and weighs in at 310 grams per square meter. Its thickness is 20 mil.??

Hawk Mountain Condor Natural:? Condor Natural shares the same base sheet with our Condor BriteWhite paper but it is coated with our Natural inkjet-receptive coating.? The Natural coating does not contain any optical brightening agents (OBAs)? which have been shown to degrade under certain conditions.? This warm-toned, naturally white paper will print with a wide color gamut, and will deliver crisp photographic image quality.

Hawk Mountain Merlin Natural:? Our Merlin Natural paper is a thinner, lighter-weight alternative to our Condor Natural but has all of the other superior characteristics of that fine paper.? It is a favorite of portrait printers, black & white photographers, and fine art printers.? It has a thickness of 15 mil and weighs in at 250 grams per square meter.? Merlin Natural is coated on both sides with our Natural inkjet-receptive coating, which, as stated above, contains no optical brightening agents (OBAs).?? Merlin Natural has a smooth surface on both sides, which print equally well.??

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