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Bockingford Inkjet 330x483mm A3+ 190gsm - 20 sheets

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Bockingford Inkjet is the established media standard for artists who wish to create their own limited edition prints through an inkjet printer.

The paper's specific design and texture enables prints to be reproduced to look like your original. When used in tandem with an inkjet printer (ideally using pigment inks for archival purposes), Artists familiar with the original uncoated Bockingford watercolour paper will recognise the same impressive surface on Bockingford Inkjet.

All Bockingford watercolour papers are manufactured using traditional mould-made paper-making techniques giving the appearance of a more hand-made product. Bockingford Inkjet also has the additional benefit of being inkjet coated on both sides of every sheet meaning it can be used for card-making, limited edition books and portfolios. Imagine presenting a reproduction of your very best artwork in a book format!

The modern coating enhances colour vibrancy and produces tones which are clear, sharp and full of detail. To be coated both sides, Bockingford Inkjet is considered a very durable and cost effective paper for art reproduction.
The coating provides some water resistance as well as better resilience to general day-to-day handling, scuffing and scratching.

100% acid free, free of optical brighteners (OBAs), this paper has super archival properties meaning that it will last for hundreds of years (in good storage conditions and using pigment inkjet inks) and won’t discolour or decay during a lifetime - colour stable and fade resistant. The luxurious, subtle, random surface texture enhances finished prints no matter what images you put upon it..


  • pH neutral (acid free)
  • Mould-made
  • Subtle random texture
  • Inkjet coated on both sides
  • Handy 20 Sheet Packs
  • Available as A4 and A3+ sheets and larger rolls

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