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Hahnemuhle Archival Fine Art and Photo Papers

The Hahnemuehle paper mill has been producing quality mould-made artists papers for over 420 years. Since its founding in 1584 they have developed experience and a tradition of excellence in art materials that have now been brought to the digital age for the last 10 years.

The Hahnemuehle Digital Fine Art Collection offers a unique selection of stunning papers with a variety of surfaces and the impressive touch and feel of genuine mould-made and cotton papers. Artists and photographers working with the digital medium can choose between the smooth, soft papers of the smooth range for high quality FineArt prints as well as the more heavily textured papers. The papers of the Hahnemuhle Digital FineArt Collection comply with the most stringent conservational requirements and are produced in strict accordance with ISO Standard 9706, providing reproductions and images with excellent colour density and crispness.

Hahnemuhle FineArt InkJet Media

We sell the complete range of products from Hahnemuhle including inkjet printing and artist papers, albums, canvas frames, sealant spray and the Certificate of Authenticity system

Hahnemuhle have the following ranges to choose from:

Smooth Matt Fine Art

This range includes: Photo Rag 188-308-500gsm; Photo Rag Duo 276; Photo Rag Book and Album; Photo Rag Ultra Smooth; Photo Rag Bright White; Bamboo. 

Hahnemuhle Matt Fine Art Texture

This range includes: William Turner 190-310gsm; Albrecht Durer 210gsm; Torchon 285gsm; German Etching; Museum Etching. 

Hahnemuhle Glossy Fine Art

Included are: Fine Art Pearl; Photo Rag Satin; Photo Rag Pearl; Fine Art Baryta; Photo Rag Baryta; Baryta FB; Fine Art Baryta Satin. 

Hahnemuhle Canvas Fine Art

The range includes both matt and gloss finished canvases called Goya, Leonardo, Monet and Daguerre. 

Hahnemuhle Photo Albums

In the are of easy to make albums the Hahnemuhle range has always offered something special. Now with two cover styles offer this range has achieved the enviable position of going back to basics and taking a step forward. The sizes are A4, A3 and 12x12 inches. 

The Album covers are available as Classic Black Leather and Black Leather with Red Stitch. The pages are available in Photo Rag Duo 276, Photo Rag Book and Album, Photo Rag Satin and Photo Rag Pearl.

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