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Innova Range Packs

  • Innova FibaPrint Trial Pack

    Contains 1 x A4 sheet of each of the following: (8 sheets in total)

    1 x A4 Sheet White Gloss F-type 300gsm (IFA09)1 x A4 Sheet Warmtone Gloss 300gsm (IFA19)1 x A4 Sheet White Semi-Matte 300gsm (IFA29)1 x A4 Sheet Canvas Ultra Gloss 380gsm (IFA36)1 x A4 Sheet White Matte 280gsm (IFA39)1 x A4 Sheet Warm Cotton Gloss 335gsm (IFA45) 1 x A4 Sheet Ultra Smooth Gloss 285gsm (IFA49) 1 x A4 Sheet Baryta 310gsm (IFA69))
    £9.62 Ex VAT£7.70 Ex VAT
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  • Innova Fine Art and Canvas Trial Pack
    This Innova pack covers the complete range of Innova digital paper and includes 15 sheets comprising one of each type of the paper.
    1 sheet of the following in A4 size included:- Smooth Cotton High White 315gsm IFA-14- Smooth Cotton Natural White 315gsm IFA-11- Soft Textured Natural White 315gsm IFA-12- Soft Textured Natural White 100% Cotton IFA-22- Soft White Cotton 280gsm 25% Cotton IFA-15- Cold Pressed Rough Textured 315gsm IFA-13- Art Canvas Matte NW 340gsm IFA33- Photo Canvas Matte HW 340gsm IFA-35- Photo Canvas Ultra Gloss 380gsm IFA-36

    All the generic profiles are available and we recommend that you use them for testing.
    £9.62 Ex VAT£7.70 Ex VAT
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