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Ilford Test Packs

GALERIE Prestige combines state-of-the-art inkjet technology with more than a century of experience in the craft of photographic image making to provide a range of products that match the aspirations and needs of professional photographers the world over.
  • ILFORD STUDIO - Discovery Test Pack 12 sheets
    Ilford Studio - Discovery Pack Professional Inkjet Media 4x3 Sheets of A4 Media Satin 250GSM ONQ5SP10S Glossy 250GSM OSQ5GB10S Pearl 250GSM ONS5PP10S Matt 235GSM ONQ5MP12S ILFORD OMNIJET STUDIO combines the signature ILFORD high levels of imaging performance along with improved environmental credentials, wide printer compatibility and excellent price performance ratio. It is suitable for printing photographic images, posters and other graphics.
    £10.96 Inc VAT
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  • NEW - Ilford Galerie Prestige Discovery Test Pack - A4 36 Sheets

    Sheet 1: Gold Fibre Silk 310gsm (GPGFS)
    Sheet 2: Gold Fibre Gloss 310gsm (GPGFG)
    Sheet 3: Gold Mono Silk 270gsm (GPGMS)
    Sheet 4: Smooth Pearl 310gsm (GPSPP)
    Sheet 5: Smooth Gloss 310gsm (GPSGP)
    Sheet 6: Gold Raster Silk 290gsm (GPRP)
    Sheet 7: Lusture 260gsm (IGPLP)
    Sheet 8: Gloss 260gsm (IGPGP)
    Sheet 9: Metallic Gloss 260gsm (GPMG)

    Sheet 10: Semigloss Duo 250gsm (GPSGD)
    Sheet 11: Smooth Cotton Rag 310gsm (GPSC)
    Sheet 12: Textured Cotton Rag 310gsm (GPTC)
    Sheet 13: Cotton Artist Textured 310gsm (GPCAT)
    Sheet 14: Heavyweight Duo Matt 310gsm (GPHWM)
    Sheet 15: Premium Matt Duo 200gsm (IGPMD)
    Sheet 17: Smooth FineArt Canvas 375gsm (GPSFAC)
    Sheet 18: Canvas Natural 340gsm (GPCN)

    £46.99 Inc VAT £42.29 Inc VAT
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  • TESUKI DISCOVERY PACKA4 - 210mm x 297mm x18 sheets
    Hand-made Fusuma-paper of Echizen province. TESUKI WASHI ECHIZEN is long-lasting and colorful Fusuma Japanese paper.
    £93.97 Inc VAT
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