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Support Service

Need help? Training? Troubleshooting?

Make use of our help desk support portal.

With the help of our remote access software, we are able to establish a highly secure, encrypted connection between your - and our computer. It allows you to share your screen with us and allows us to present our screen to you for training purposes and presentations.  No need for you to spend hours reading manuals, still not knowing if you did the right thing. Since most of the work (but not all) can be done remotely, there is far less reason to make visits on site and therefore it will be a huge cost saving for you, our customer and a huge time saving for us, not having to spend many hours each year in the car.

For above reasons our remote support service is a much quicker and faster way of sorting out any problems on your computer or printing set up.

These are the platforms we are able to support, which includes  Windows and Mac Platforms.

With our remote support can help you with:

1. The installation of new software applications.
2. Printing out test charts for our remote ICC Profiling service. We can do it all for you, you only need to be present on the
'other side' for switching on the printer and putting the ink and paper in the machine.

3. Setting up and using Adobe applications, like Photoshop and Indesign, several Raw file converters,
Rip software drivers and more.

4. Apple Mac trouble shooting

... and much more, if your issue is not listed here, just ask if we can help you.

How to get our support:

1. You need to make an appointment with us first.
2. Then you need to buy the recommended amount of time from the options below.
3. Once you have entered our help desk support portal via the link below, you need to click on the name of the support representative at the top left of the page.
4. You will be asked to either run or save the file you need to download
5. Just run or save. The rest we tell you over the phone.

Please make an appointment first!

enter support portal here

(The support link is only active when our Support server is switched on)

You can purchase support time here:

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