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This page provides links to the various areas of knowledge that we have accumulated over the years and we would like to share with you, our customers, who may or may not find it useful. For us colour management is about setting out to achieve the level of perfection you want or need and it is not in every case about just simply 100% precision because, whatever people say, this is not easily achievable.

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About the Knowledge base

On-line paper.co.uk Ltd.has now joined with Atmos Design Online Ltd. which complements the paper business with the supply of ink, wide format printers and colour management expertise. 

Below are links to our knowledge base hosted on our website http://www.imaging-expert.co.uk/

Colour Management introduction

Introduction 01
Introduction 02
The Aim
Made Simple

Advanced Colour Management

Colour Matching - WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get?)
Shiraz Colour Module

Software Rips printer drivers

Software Rip Shiraz
Colorbyte Image Print Rip

Printing Solutions

Wide Format and Desktop Printers
Epson 1160 and Epson 7600 compared
About Ink
A brief overview of Inkjet Technology
Running Cost of printers
A Customer Advice

Black and White Printing

About Atmos Desgin Online Ltd. trading as Imaging Expert

About Us
Who do we help?
What do we do
Our Customers

Projects and Case Studies:

Eden At Night by Linda Rutenberg

Conversion:  page:  http://www.on-linepaper.co.uk/acatalog/Sizes.html

Roll 60 inch = 152.4 cm
Roll 44 inch = 111.76 cm wide
Roll 36 inch =  91.44 cm wide
Roll 24 inch  = 60.96 cm wide 

A2 420 mm - 594 mm =    16.5 inch - 23.38 inch
A3+ 483 mm - 329 mm =    19 inch - 12.95 inch
A3 420 mm - 297 mm  =   16.5 inch - 11.6 inch  
A4 210 mm - 297 mm =    8.26 inch - 11.6 inch     
A5 21 0mm - 148.5 mm  = 8.26 inch - 5.84 inch
A6 105 mm - 148.5 mm =  4.13 inch - 5.84 inch
A7 105 mm - 73.5 mm  =  4.13 inch -  2.89 inch