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Canson Infinity Fine Art Photo Papers

Canson Infinity is the brand name given to the new Digital Fine Art & Photo range crafted in the Canson and Arches mills.
Canson Infinity offers you Museum Quality Fine Art & Photo Inkjet Papers and Canvas.  
Arches' and Canson' paper mills, established respectively in 1492 and 1557 have developed over the last four centuries papers that have been used by the most renowned artists.  At Online Paper we are dedicated to helping you choose the best media to fully express your creativity and give you support and advice to optimise the quality of your prints.

 Print Longevity and Archival Quality

Canson Infinity encompasses a range of Digital Fine Art media that exceeds the ISO 9706 museum grade standard and that has been developed with the goal of satisfying galleries and museum's longevity requirements. Canson has submitted the Digital Fine Art & Photo range to the world's leading independent print permanence testing laboratory, Wilhelm Imaging Research (WIR) for longevity testing on the Canson Infinity range.

Canson Infinity Digital Fine Art papers and canvases have passed all five WIR print permanence tests in all conditions:

- light stability on display
- stability in dark storage
- resistance to atmospheric ozone
- resistance to high-humidity environments
- water resistance.

The print longevity has been tested using ALL three major pigmented ink systems:
- Epson UltraChrome K3 inks with Vivid Magenta
- Canon LUCIA Pigment inks
- HP Vivera Pigment Inks with Chromatic Red.

These comprehensive test results now allow users to have all-inclusive image permanence information regarding prints produced on Canson Infinity paper and canvas. They can sell their work with complete confidence that prints produced on a Canson Infinity paper or canvas will last for generations, when displayed under the conditions outlined.

Canson reinforces the importance of protecting prints and insists on the fact that a print intended for long-term display should be framed under glass or plastic to protect it on a permanent basis. Special care should be taken when manipulating, storing and framing Fine Art papers. For instance, only acid free material (glue, framing board, etc) should be used for storing and framing, to avoid yellowing and migration of chemical additives (often present in certain glues) into the printed media. 

Access Wilhelm Imaging Research comprehensive print performance test results on the Canson Infinity range

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